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Multi-Head Weigher

» Professional digital weighing module with high precision and good stability.
» Touch screen interface with up to 16 different languages for choice.
» Application software upgrade through USB.
» 100 preset product parameters to meet different parameter program requirements.
» Weighing and counting function.
» Machine body made by AISI 304.

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Auger Filling Units

» Best solution for filling Powder Products like
(milled spices, milled coffee, cappuccino, dried cream, flour mixes, instant drinks…etc.).
» Anti-bacterial 180 degree opening.
» Precisely Filling by Servo Motor .
» Mixer arm in the chamber prevents the product from clumping.
» End tube clap unit.
» Easy ...

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Volumetric Fillinf Units

» Volumetric Filling Unit, which consists of 6 or 8 telescopic cups, portions the product volumetrically.

» Widely preferred for granular products such as Pulses and Granulated Sugar .

» Available in two versions: single-gate and multi-gate Discharge.

» Main Tank capacity 65 liters 304 AISI.

» Easy Communication with All Kinds of Packaging Machines.


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Cut-Gate Filling Units

» Highly accurate weighing of dry, free-flowing granular products.

» High speed solution which significantly reduces downtime.

» Variety of hopper sizes available to handle wide range of target weights.

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Linear Filling Units

» High precision digital load cell.
» Automatic amplitude adjustment for more convenient operation.
» Each hopper can function as a single scale.
» Hopper opening/closing controlled by step motors.

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